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I know you may be feeling overwhelmed with so much contradicting information... blogs, online resources, friends telling you one thing and your mother in law telling you another.

As an expecting parent, you have so many questions and there is so much uncertainty. I have been there and I totally get it!

It was this experience and 15 years working with women in the birth suite that led me to create Birth Beat. 

I share everything you need to know and answer your questions all in the one place! I'm here to take you and your partner from feeling fearful and nervous, to feeling confident and excited for birth and meeting your baby. 


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- How to have a faster, less painful birth.
- The stages of labour - what they will look and feel like + what to do.
- Natural and medical pain relief options + the pros and cons of each.
- The best positions, exercises + massages to make birth more comfortable.
- How to push correctly + the breathing and relaxation techniques that help this process.
- Everything you need to know to be prepared for all possible outcomes.
- Behind-the-scenes of the full C-section process.
- Caring for newborns: breastfeeding, sleep, settle, swaddle + bathing.
- All of my need-to-know midwife tips and tricks.
Weekly Q & A with your online midwife.
Have a question throughout your journey? Submit them into our member-only Call The Midwife page to be answered in a weekly Q & A session. Plus, you get full access to all previous Q & A replays as extra resources.
Private VIP Facebook Group Access.
Join our rocking, like-minded community of Birth Beat Mums and Dads inside our private VIP Facebook Group. This member-only group is a safe place to ask questions, share advice and experiences. 
Suited to your lifestyle.
Learn at your own pace, at anytime, from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you get 12 months access so you and your support person can re-watch modules as many times as you need to feel prepared.

How to have an overall happier and healthier pregnancy with less pain, better sleep, and a calmer mind:

- 45 minute prenatal yoga.
- 15 minute relaxation, meditation and calming exercise.
- 30 minute release tight muscles.
Instructed by a fully-qualified prenatal yoga specialist, these exercises and routines are perfect for helping you to have better sleep, less pain and overall a happier, healthier pregnancy.

Understand what the stages of labour will feel like and why. Plus learn a simple pelvis exercise for a faster, less painful birth:

- Understand the basic anatomy of your body and what happens during labour.
- Learn a simple pelvis exercise for a faster and less painful birth.
- How to know when you’re really in labour and what to do.
- Discover the different stages of labour and exactly what they will look and feel like.
- Learn what examinations may take place at each stage, why and what to expect.
- Understand why labour can be painful and what causes the sensations.

Discover your natural and medical pain relief, learn the best positions and movements, plus massage techniques.

- Discover what you can do to make contractions more comfortable (including how you can start preparing now).
- An overview of both medical and natural pain relief options including possible side effects.
- The secret to epidurals and exactly what to expect.
- Learn best positions and exercises to make labour and birth more comfortable.
- Massage tips for your support person to start practising on you now.

Actually having baby! Learn how to manage pain by working with your hormones, pushing properly and using breathing techniques:

- Discover the role of hormones in labour and learn how you can work with them for a shorter, less painful birth.
- A step-by-step walk through of the day of your bubba’s arrival + what to expect.
- Learn exactly when and how to push and understand how that can impact your birth.
- Discover breathing techniques and how why breathing properly is important in birth.

Your complete behind-the-scenes guide to prepare you for a planned or emergency c-section birth:

A complete guide to C-Section births and what to expect:
- Meet an amazing couple; Erin and Troy who share their C-section story.
- Behind the scenes of the full C-Section process including; arriving at hospital, preparation before going into theatre, what happens in theatre and when your baby is born.
- Understand exactly what takes place immediately after surgery and learn about recovery.

Everything you need to know about gestational diabetes and inductions of labour from real experts:

Learn from the real experts!
- Induction of labour: what to expect, types of induction, what your options are and everything you need to keep in mind.
- Gestational Diabetes: everything you need to know.

You’re in charge of a little human – what now? Discover all you need to know about caring for your newborn:

- Hear my personal breastfeeding story.
- Expressing colostrum aka liquid gold.
- Understand the importance of skin-to-skin and early breastfeeding.
- Breastfeeding basics: attachment, troubleshooting and establishing your routine.
- Essential tips to help your baby settle faster and sleep longer.
- A step-by-step guide on how to bath a baby safely and without tears.

My must-know Midwife tips and tricks for your best pregnancy, birth and recovery experience:

More tools for your toolbox!
- Exactly what to pack in your labour bag including your own print-out guide and checklist.
- The best position for a more comfortable sleep during pregnancy.
- Learn how to get bub into best position for birth with exercises you can start doing now.
- Need-to-know midwife hacks for a faster recovery post-birth.

Birth stories and videos – one of the best ways to get prepared and most importantly, excited!

Hear Birth Stories from real Birth Beat parents: 
- Discover how the Ultimate Online Birth Course helped them prepare for their best birth experience.
- Now that you have the knowledge to understand the birth process, I will share some real and raw birth video’s with you.
You can learn so much from listening to and watching other experiences – this is an awesome way to get excited and inspired for your birth!


Birth Beat is also a recognised provider with most Australian Private Health Insurance Funds.



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