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Baby & Child First Aid

First Aid classes designed specifically for parents and carers.
These classes will give you the confidence to act in an emergency.

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Want to learn how to have the best childbirth possible?

Birth Beat is your online provider of Childbirth Education, Antenatal Classes and Baby/Child First Aid.

My name is Edwina, I am a Registered Midwife and I am passionate about giving expecting mums and their partners the knowledge and confidence to enter the next exciting stage of their lives. I have helped 1000’s of Mums and Dads understand the stages of labour, what to expect during labour and birth, birthing positions, prenatal yoga, newborns and much more.

I look forward to sharing a class with you soon!

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The course is fun, honest, and most importantly, delivered by a Registered Midwife.

Be Prepared
Birth Beat antenatal classes are designed to prepare you for birth and the weeks that follow.
Be Confident
Learn the skills to provide emergency first aid for your child with our Baby First Aid course.
24/7 Access
Our online birth classes can be accessed at any time in the comfort of your own home.
Expert Advice
Get practical and professional advice from a Registered Midwife who has helped parents like you.

Compare Birth Beat To Hospital Classes

The Birth Beat courses are delivered by a registered Midwife who has helped over 1000 parents have their best birth possible. We remove the need for inconvenient hospital classes.

Hospital Classes
24/7 access to courses
Private online forums moderated by a Registered Midwife
Practical exercise video
No long commutes
Privacy of own home
Incredible support and specific sections for partners
Access for one full year plus a money back guarantee

What The Experts Say 

Experienced Midwife empowering women

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Birth Beat childbirth education course and first aid workshops made us cool, calm and collected entering parenthood. THANK YOU Edwina for making the unknown, somewhat known. We are so glad we found Birth Beat!  

Brooke, Mitch and baby Spencer Carrington

I knew exactly what was happening to my body and why. Gus and I were able to follow the journey like a map, and I honestly couldn't have done it without Edwina. I highly recommend Edwina's classes to expectant Mummas and Fathers!

Dee Zibara, Gus and baby Billie Bruno

We had the birth experience we were hoping for — no drugs were needed and Tibor is doing very well. Your course gave us a lot of confidence going into labour. I don't think we could have had such a great experience without your class.

Jess, Saul and baby Tibor Bourke

I just wanted to say a massive, MASSIVE thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful course that you provided for us! I'm a changed woman thanks to Birth Beat. I feel excited to have more babies now knowing that giving birth is just like a "chinese burn on your who-haa". Hahaha!  

Lauryn Sullivan and baby Levi

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