Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes. A gift voucher could be the best gift a mother will receive. Why not spoil a family member with a voucher to help them have their best birth?

I want to have a natural birth after having a caesarean, can I do Birth Beat?

Yes, we get many second and third time Mummas wanting to have a different or better birth experience, particulalrly VBACs (vaginal birth after caesareans). This will be excellent for you.

If I do Birth Beat, do I need to go to hospital classes as well?

No. Birth Beat lessons are comprehensive and cover everything you will need to know to empower you and educate you in readiness for your baby’s birth. You will finish feeling excited and prepared, rather than overwhelmed and scared. The lessons have been designed in conjunction with Midwives and Obstetricians to ensure all necessary content is covered.

This is not my first pregnancy – can I still do Birth Beat?

Absolutely. Birth Beat is not just for first time mothers. Perhaps it is your support persons first pregnancy and you wish for them to be educated and know what to expect. Or perhaps you would just like to be more educated and prepared for your next birth and have a more informed, enjoyable experience.

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  • Why olive oil is a great addition to your bath to look after your baby's skin
  • ​What the 'Startle Reflex' is - and why it's important when you're bathing
  • And... tip to GUARANTEE no more crying in the bath!

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