I have been truly blessed with my two pregnancies…

As many of you know, I was as sick as a dog with Theo ( my second pregnancy ) however I have never experienced pregnancy loss. And for that I am truly thankful.

The statistics are pretty remarkable 1 in 4 Women will experience a miscarriage, some will even argue that could be 1 in 3!

As a Midwife and Childbirth Educator I have met so many beautiful women who have had long and often tragic pregnancy journeys.

A lovely friend of mine shared a bit about her journey on Instagram this week and has kindly agreed to share with all our Birth Beat Mums and Dads today ( please don’t forget the Dad’s ).

Marcia has six year old Archie and baby Poppy and wrote this week……

” My sunshine, my rainbow. This little soul has brought more joy to our family than I ever thought possible. I know I bang on about our our fertility story, but I just never want to forget how hard we fought for her- it puts everything in perspective and makes me cherish every moment (even the exhausting, annoying bits). I remember being featured on the cover of a magazine and quoted as saying “I never wanted to be the poster girl for miscarriage, I just want to give my son a brother or sister” … but as the emails and messages continue to come in, as you trust me with sharing your own stories and draw strength from mine, I’m proud to wear that badge. Proud to be a fertility warrior. .

Those YEARS were f*cking tough. The anxiety I went through after my first loss was to the point where I could barely function. It took a lot of courage to share my journey, but once I started I knew it was my path. So to those who are struggling right now I want you to know that even though I have my beautiful rainbow babe in my arms, you’re not forgotten. I’ve walked your path and know that all consuming ache. How you watch from the sidelines as the whole world seems to be pregnant. How you blame yourself and your body for not being able to hold your baby. How you cry so much you run out of tears. How you grieve your loss, but feel like you can’t share. . .
What I say to you is please, trust the timing of your life. It will happen when and how it’s meant to. Those years were tough, but I gained so much. I learnt to be truly grateful for what I had instead of pine for what I didn’t. I became kinder to myself. I learnt to meditate. I surrendered. I let go. I finally made peace that it might not happen. And then she came 🌈 .

October 15 is pregnancy & infant loss remeberence day. I remember my angels every day 💫💫


My ask to you is to support and talk with our Sisterhood, sometimes it might just be someone to sit and listen……as Marcia put it, it can be F**cking tough.

Big love to all who have experienced loss and my true hope is that if you are still trying for your very own Rainbow baby, that one day we will share the journey of childbirth education and birth preparation together.

All my love to Mumma’s and Dadda’s who have experienced this loss, you are in my thoughts.

Edwina xx

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