Birth Beat’s Premium Baby & Child First Aid Program provides parents/ carers with the knowledge and confidence to act in an emergency situation. Be proactive and learn how to save a baby or child’s life today!

We’ve made accessing your childbirth classes online quick and simple! All you need to do is:

– Purchase your online class

– Receive your login details via email instantly

– Logon to the Birth Beat portal

– Start watching our videos on-demand! You can learn anytime, anywhere and at your own pace

– Rewatch the videos as many times as you need in the lead up to your birth

A fun and easy to follow program that has been created by Emergency nurses and paramedics to arm you with the information and tools you need to provide first aid to a baby or child


For $197 you have lifetime access to 10 modules of video content covering everything you need to know about providing first aid to a newborn to 8-year old. 

You can watch modules anytime, anywhere and as many times as you like. 

Plus you will get access to an incredible group of like minded and supportive Mums and Dads in our closed Birth Beat Facebook page. You can also ask any questions, plus have access to the Birth Beat team. 

Module 1 – First Aid Introduction

– Meet me (Edwina!) – your private emergency nurse consultant inside the portal

– The importance of baby & child first aid education

– A brief introduction to the program

– Why it’s important to stay calm in an emergency

– Your bonus – Birth Beat First Aid Ebook

Module 2 & 4 – CPR & Drowning

Possibly the most important thing you need to know. Drowning is one of the most common causes of deaths in toddlers.  It is critical you know how to perform CPR.

– What to do if you baby or child stops breathing

– Learn Basic Life Support (DRSABCD)

– How to effectively provide CPR to a baby or child up to 8-years old

– What to do if a baby or child is drowning and how to prevent further damage

Module 3 – Choking 

One of the most common reasons parents panic. This module will cover:

– Why children choke and what you can do to help prevent choking

– What you need to know about introducing solids to babies

– What to do if a baby or child is choking 

Module 5 – Fever & Febrile Convulsions

– How to take temperature in the most effective way 

– Understanding a fever – what it is, causes, signs & symtoms

– How to help a baby or child feel more comfortable if they have a fever

– When to seek advice from a health professional

– What are febrile convulsions and what to do if your baby or child has a febrile convulsion

Module 6 – Vomiting & Dehydration

The causes, signs and symptoms of dehydration in babies and children

– The importance of hydration and how to manage dehyrdation so that it doesn’t become critical 

– Strategies to increase fluid intake while a child has gastro

– When to seek medical attention

Module 7 – Burns and Scalds

A common presentation to hospital which can be managed best if parents know what to do in a quick and timely manner.

– Understanding the difference between burns scalds – what they are and their causes

– Why it’s important to treat burns and scalds immediatly

– How to effectively treat different types of burns and scalds

– When to seek professional medical attention for a burn or scald

Module 8 – Breathing Illnesses 

This module will cover breathing illnesses such as asthma, allergic reactions and anaphylaxis.

– Early signs and late signs of allergic reactions and anaphylaxis

– How to use a ventilen puffer and spacer

– How and when to use an epi-pen

– The trachael tug and intercostal recession

Module 9 – Broken Bones, Head Injuries and Wounds

– What to do if a baby or child has a broken bone and how to manage pain

– Understanding the types of breaks; simple break and compound fracture

– How to treat different types of head wound’s or injury’s and what signs you should pay attention too

– Undertsanding whether to let your child sleep after a head injury

– What you should always keep in your first aid kit

Module 10 – Poisons

– The most common reasons children are exposed to poison and high risk times for posioning

– The types and causes of household poisons

– How to prevent a child’s exposure to poisons

– Understanding the different ways a child can experiencing poisoning including; swallowing poison, posion on the skin or posion in the eye 

– What to do if a child has; swallowed poison, got poison on their skin or in their eye  


Our online baby & child first aid classes are delivered over 10 comprehensive modules that provide you with all the knowledge you need to manage a first aid emergency in your home.

Watch the modules whenever and wherever suits you, as often as you need to so that you and your family feel completely prepared for something that I hope never happens.

Purchase today and recieve lifetime access.

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Expert Lessons & Advice

All education delivered by an experienced Emergency Nurse.

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Satisfaction Guarenteed

Not completely satisfied? We offer a 12 month money back guarentee.


Birth Beat’s Online Program’s have been loved by 1000’s of parents so far, and I am confident that you will love it too! That’s why I am able to offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. There is no risk for you at all. I look forward to welcoming you to the Birth Beat community!

Success stories from Birth Beat Parents…

“Hi, I just wanted to let you know my little man choked on some grapes recently. Thank you Birth Beat for saving the day ( and Jimmy). I managed to stay calm and think through what we had learnt and helped him quickly. 

My little blue mouthed man certainly got my heart racing. You never expect these things to happen to your child. I am so thankful for learning this life saving First Aid”

– Liz, Doug and little Jimmy

You’ll never guess what happened the very afternoon after Ian and I did your Child First aid course. 

We were in the shed building a chicken coop. Gabby was sitting on a chair eating an orange and I walked outside to give Ian a pen to do some measurements. I was gone literally about 30secs when I walked back in to find Gabby very quiet (very strange for her!) and hunched over her plate. I ran over to her to find her choking. She had already vomited in her plate and she looked up at me with these panicked scared eyes that I’ll never forget while trying to get a breath in. 

But there was no air going in. I screamed out to Ian while she threw up again and just as I was grabbing her to throw over my knee to do back blows, she vomited for a third time and a big chunk of orange came out. 

Thank god! It was really the most surreal experience as while I couldn’t stop shaking after it all happened, during it, I was this weird kind of calm. And in the split second before I jumped into action I stood for a moment in disbelief thinking, ‘Wow..I just did the first aid course this morning about choking and now my daughter is literally choking’!

So while it didn’t come to actually doing back blows or thank goodness CPR, I believe my calmness during the situation all came from feeling well prepared and confident that I knew what to do. So thank you Edwina, I owe it to you that in a situation that previously probably would have turned me into a blubbering mess, I felt calm and in control. 

Can’t thank you enough xx

– Jacqui and baby Gabbi