Yes that’s right the actual birth of ME. Not the birth of my babies!


  • I was my darling Mothers 4th Pregnancy and 4th daughter born.
  • Spontaneous Labour 6 ½ hours
  • Second stage (that is the pushing part) 21 mins – super effort Mum, wait til you see my weight and you will understand!
  • Normal Vaginal Delivery
  • Apgars 8,9
  • Weight 4.1kg that is just over 9 pounds! Hence my high five to Mum for pushing me out in 21 minutes.
  • Length 52cm
  • Head circumference 36.6cm
  • Born Tamworth Base Hospital

So, a friend of mine is launching her website today and she wrote this blog about how she believes your own birth can affect you, and your personality as an adult.

It got me thinking. Here I am OBSESSED with all things pregnancy, birth, birth education and babies and I know nothing, zip, nudda about my birth!

Firstly I feel blessed that I could sit with my beautiful Mum and talk about this, I know not everyone can do that for varying reasons. Secondly I am glad she could remember it. It was 33 years 5 months and 29 days ago.

I was born on a Saturday in December 1981 and according to Mum it was all pretty straightforward. My older sisters had been farmed out to my grandparents and Mum went into spontaneous labour, she thinks around my due date. On a quick side note there – Mothers were only given vague due dates as ultrasounds were still rare in those days. My Mum tells me that her antenatal checks with her Doctor went something like this.

Doctor, “How are you Helen?”

Helen, “I am well thanks Doctor”

Doctor, “Great, how is David’s golf game going?” – (David is my Dad)

Helen, “Good”

Doctor, “Great, see you next month”


Dad remembers that when they could see my head crowning, it was noted I had long blonde hair. The Doctor commented he thinks it will be “another girl”. My Father replied, “of course it will be, we live in Carthage St”. This was because in our town we lived in a Street full of all girl families!

How times have changed.

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