I am passionate about Women sharing their own birth stories. I often think when Women have really positive beautiful experiences, these are often not shared.

To be honest, I do not know why this is. Is this because we feel guilty for having a positive experience? What does that even mean?

A positive experience to me is a Healthy Baby and a Healthy Mum. That is what really counts.

The gorgeous Sophie from Australian Birth Stories asked me to share my birth story. I was very candid. I hope sharing my story helps another Mum or Dad gain more knowledge around what to expect.

As I am always saying to my Birth Beat mums who are doing our online birth classes or our face to face classes we offer locally in Tamworth. Knowledge is power. Get informed. Get empowered.

I can not tell you what sort of Birth you are going to have, however I can give you all the evidence based tools to have your best birth possible (without any daggy videos).

It was after my first birth experience that I decided to create Birth Beat. I realised the importance of independent birth classes delivered by a Registered Midwife.

Have a listen to the podcast and hear all about my births here;


Enjoy listening to me talk about my stretchy v jay jay!!!!!!!


Edwina xx

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