A dear friend told me this after being recently diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. So, what is Gestational Diabetes and why did it make her feel this way?

Here are some facts;

What is Gestational Diabetes?

This is a type of Diabetes that some women get during pregnancy. Between 2 and 10 percent of expectant mothers develop this condition, making it one of the most common health problems of pregnancy.

Diabetes is complicated, but in a nutshell it means you have abnormally high levels of sugar in your blood.

Here’s what happens:

  • When you eat, your digestive system breaks most of your food down into a type of sugar called glucose. The glucose enters your bloodstream and then, with the help of insulin (a hormone made by your Pancreas), your cells use the glucose as fuel. However, if your body doesn’t produce enough insulin – or your cells have a problem responding to the insulin – too much glucose remains in your blood instead of moving into the cells and getting converted to energy.
  • When you’re pregnant, hormonal changes can make your cells less responsive to insulin. For most mums-to-be, this isn’t a problem: When the body needs additional insulin, the pancreas dutifully secretes more of it. But if your pancreas can’t keep up with the increased insulin demand during pregnancy, your blood glucose levels rise too high, resulting in Gestational Diabetes.
  • Most women with Gestational Diabetes don’t remain Diabetic after the baby is born. Once you’ve had Gestational Diabetes, though, you’re at higher risk for getting it again during a future pregnancy and for developing Diabetes later in life.
  • Like your changes in body shape are not already enough to be dealing with!

So, it got me thinking about the way we FEEL, some of us glow and love our swelling bodies, some of us dread the swell of our baby bumps.

The important thing to take away from this blog is to remember that this is an interim state for you and your body.

You are growing a person remember. A super human effort if you ask me!

So, when you see a sister walking along, whether her bump is small and compact or if her tummy is big and beautiful. Smile at her and tell her she looks BLOODY MARVELLOUS.


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