Be prepared, remove the fear and have your best birth possible! 

Meet some of our gorgeous Hurstville Maternity bubs who completed the Birth Beat course!

“Thanks to your online classes we knew exactly what was happening the whole time, even though it was all moving along a lot more quickly than we expected. Despite being very intense, we can confidently say we had a very positive birth experience and a large part of that was due to your excellent, down to earth course that took away much of the fear and apprehension. Bub arrived kicking and screaming and hasn’t looked back since.”

– Sophie, Aaron and baby Clancy
“We really didn’t know anything about labour and preparing for the birth prior to the online course so even the very simple things like what to pack in your labour bag (even though we didn’t have time to even take the bag into the birthing suite!), made us feel more prepared and in control during the journey. Thank you for all your advice and support, as first time parents we don’t know what we would have done without it.”
– Laura, Andrew and baby Thomas
“I did have a long labour, but I managed all my contractions with all the knowledge I had learnt from your course and I knew exactly what was happening with my body through each stage of labour! I would highly recommend your course to any new mothers as it was something I could refer back to whenever I was worried about giving birth or just to freshen up on something! Thank you so much for creating this amazing platform for all us newbies!”
– Allanah and baby Eli

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What's Included?

12 months access to 10 Modules - Watch wherever you like and re-watch as many times as you like.

Stages of Labour - Learn the basic anatomy of your body and what happens during labour, how to know when you’re really in labour, the different stages of labour and exactly what they will look and feel like, examinations that take place + why labour can be painful. Plus, discover a simple pelvis exercise for a faster and less painful birth.

Prenatal Yoga & Meditation – 45 minutes of prenatal yoga, 15 minute relaxation and calming meditation for pregnancy + a 30 minute stretch sequence designed specifically to release tight muscles in pregnancy. All taught by a fully qualified prenatal yoga instructor.

Pain Relief – Discover what you can do to make contractions more comfortable (including how you can start preparing now). An overview of both medical and natural pain relief options including possible side effects. The secret to epidurals and exactly what to expect.

Birth Positions & Exercises – A practical guide to the best birth positions, exercises to help with labour pain + massage tips for your support person to start practicing.

Giving Birth – A step-by-step walk through of the birth process. Learn breathing techniques + when and how to push. Discover the role of hormones. 

Water Birth - Learn everything you need to know about water births + a full water birth video.

C-section Birth – Understand exactly what to expect with behind the scenes footage of the full C-Section process including; arriving at hospital, preparation before going into theatre, what happens in theatre and when your baby is born. Learn what takes place immediately after surgery and learn about recovery.

Newborns ​& Parenting – Learn everything you need to know for the first 6 weeks with a newborn including: antenatal breastfeeding, birth breastfeeding + postnatal breastfeeding, sleep & settle and a step-by-step guide on how to bath a newborn.

Ask the Expert Module - Learn from real experts. Everything you need to knwo to prepare for inductions of labour; what to expect, types of induction & what your options are. Plus everything you need to know about Gestational Diabetes.

Midwife Tips and Tricks - Exercises so you can get your bub into an optimal position for birth, what to pack in your labour bag + 3 hacks you need know to help make your first few days postpartum easier and more comfortable.

Private Facebook VIP's Group - so you can access a closed community of fellow course participants and parents, where members can engage directly with each other & Edwina – think of her as your own personal midwife.

Call the Midwife - a full page dedicated to Q & A video's from Registered Midwife ​Edwina. Here you can ask any questions you have or watch the previous videos to gain extra knowledge.

FREE Bonus #1: The Ultimate Prenatal Workbook - includes your month by month pregnancy guide, what to pack checklist, module summaries + loads of pregnancy information such as health, nutrition, fitness and much more.

FREE Bonus #2: Bonus Birth Stories - Hear birth stories from real Birth Beat parents. You can learn so much from listening to other experiences – this is an awesome way to get excited and inspired for your birth.