It’s the beginning of a New Year, and a time where you’ll probably notice that every second blog you read is about setting goals!


What if instead of adding more things onto our plate – we were able to start the year with an intention of letting go of the ‘busyness’ and becoming more present? Remember, being busy shouldn’t be a badge of honour.

After all, the present moment is the only time we have to power to actually ‘do’ anything! By trying to bring ourselves back to the here and now, we can focus on what is really important.

Whether you’re already a Mum, expecting a bub or aren’t in that season of life just yet (but hoping to be one day soon!), I’m guessing that you’re pretty good at constantly running through your mental ‘to-do checklist’.

Am I right?

We are working, cooking, cleaning, playing the role of mums’ taxi, maintaining our relationships with partners friends and family, organising family holidays and being everyone’s personal assistant. By the time the end of the year rolls around, its’ no wonder so many of us feel completely burnt out.

It’s the same when you’re pregnant, there are so many items on that mental to-do list: doctor’s appointments, choosing baby names, getting the nursery ready, eat this and don’t eat that, researching the best; car seat, pram, cot and must-have baby gadgets, going to prenatal classes (you could always do an online course don’t forget!) – the list goes on! Not only are you growing a human, you’re also incredibly busy. It’s no wonder you feel exhausted at times!

It’s tempting to start the New Year off by wanting to achieve, do and succeed at certain things.

But at what expense?

Do you catch yourself saying;

  • I’m so busy right now
  • Life is crazy / hectic right now
  • I just need to get xyz done THEN I can relax

What about a different approach?

Instead of filling the New Year with ticking more off the to do list – what if you were able to set an intention to slow down, do less and take time each day to come back to what matters most?

I have a super special treat for my Birth Beat Tribe today – a guest post from the very talented Deb Young of Stretch & Glow Prenatal Yoga. If you’ve completed our Birth Beat online childbirth course, you’ll recognise Deb as the host of our Yoga and Meditation module.

Deb is a yoga teacher, Douala, mum of two and yoga studio owner who specialises in prenatal yoga. She knows first-hand what it takes to juggle a busy life and each year runs an annual New Year Intensive around setting goals in a way that enables us to harness the New Year energy without getting burnt out.

Deb is an inspiration for busy Mums and Mums-to-be, helping them find a greater sense of life balance, passion, health and wellbeing.

I’ll hand over to Deb!

“The most important meeting you have today is the meeting you have with yourself.

This is one of the key concepts that I teach. By coming onto your yoga mat each day and starting in a mindful way, YOU are setting your day up with space and conscious decision rather than always reacting to the circumstances around you.

As a new Mum, you might feel somewhat at the mercy of your baby’s sleeping and feeding routines…. which is totally normal…. but over time you get into a routine. You don’t need one or two hours to feel better in yourself, often shorter practices that you can do at home with ease are key for women with young children or even those with busy schedules in the lead up to childbirth.

3 ways to do less so that you can achieve more in 2019.

Prioritise Sleep, Rest or Relaxation

Take naps, or do a simple 20min guided meditation.

20 mins is often all it takes to recharge – it doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated!

Insight Timer is a free meditation app that has a range of guided meditations/relaxation. Perfect for if you’ve only got a short time to yourself and are looking for an effective way to relax.

Or, if you’re looking for something more specific for pregnancy, Stretch & Glow is great for expectant Mums.

Check out Stretch & Glow’s incredible offer for Birth Beat readers at the end of this post!

Start your day in a mindful way 

Do you start your day by scrolling mindlessly through social media? I recommend starting your day with a simple 5-minute meditation, breathing, or taking some time to prepare for your day by reviewing your schedule.

If you’re getting woken up at all hours, try to establish a mindful morning routine – such as getting out for 30 mins for a walk before or straight after breakfast. Fresh air and movement do wonders to help you feel more present and mindful.

If you can own your morning and make it a priority to be mindful in those first few hours, you will set yourself up for a much more harmonious and productive day.

Slow Down and Get Grounded

On days when you are feeling overwhelmed, scattered, or unable to focus, try these simple steps to feel more grounded.

– 30min yoga practice to get you out of your head and into your body

– Get your feet out into the grass, sand or earth

– Digital detox – establish some screen free time first thing in the morning

– Solitude – whether it’s a bath you have at the end of the day, your morning walk, meditation or something else – try to find at least one time in your day that allows you to come back to your centre.”

To help you get started – Deb has generously shared her 30min Yoga Sequence to Get More Grounded.

This sequence was filmed with pregnancy in mind – but it can be safely practiced by anyone and is a nice gentle sequence for Mums that are new to yoga as well.

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