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Here’s what you’ll learn inside the Ultimate Prenatal Program

• Exercises to prepare your body for a faster and more comfortable birth
• Why imagining a ‘coffee plunger’ is key to understanding your labour
• Pain relief options and what they mean for you and your baby
• Natural pain relief options
• What the ‘cascade of intervention’ is and how it can impact your birth
• How to know when you’re in labour
• The stages of labour and what each one looks and feels like
• When to go to hospital
• The best labour and birthing positions to try
• Understand the role of your hormones in labour and how you can work with them
• Exactly what you need to pack in your labour bag
• Pregnancy safe yoga, guided meditation and relaxation techniques
• Why you should create a Birth Wish List, not a Birth Plan
• Complete guide to breastfeeding
• Sleep and settle techniques to make those first days and weeks that much easier
• Hear from real Birth Beat parents
Plus, so much more!

What’s Included?

For $297 you have 12 months access to 9 Modules of video content covering everything you need to know before you birth your baby and the first few weeks following.

Book into our online birth classes early, start the Birth Beat exercises, gain valuable knowledge, and feel empowered for the path ahead of you.

Module 1 - Welcome

Module 1 - Welcome

Welcome! We will teach you how to navigate the portal and get in touch with Edwina.

Learn the pregnancy basics:
• What is happening to your body and why
• Pelvis exercise
• How to know if you are in labour
• Your month by month pregnancy guide

Module 2 - Prenatal yoga, relaxation, guided meditation

Module 2 - Prenatal yoga, relaxation, guided meditation

• 45 Minute Prenatal Yoga
• 15 Minute Relaxation & Calming Exercise
• 30 Minute Release Tight Muscles

All for better sleep, less pain and a happier, healthier pregnancy.

Module 3 - Stages of labour & pain relief

Module 3 - Stages of labour & pain relief

Learn about the Stages of labour:
• What they will look like and feel like
• Examinations to expect for each stage

Understand the pain involved with labour:
• Why and where it is painful
• What you can do to make it more comfortable (including how you can start preparing now)
• Pain relief options (including natural options)
• The secret to epidurals

Module 4 - Understanding and Preparing for the Birth Process

Module 4 - Understanding and Preparing for the Birth Process

Giving birth is like running a marathon, hard work and exhausting! Now is the time to start preparing!

Learn about:
• The best labour and birthing positions for you and baby
• Massage Tips
• What to pack for birth
• Hormones and the role they play during birth

Module 5 - Actually having a baby!

Module 5 - Actually having a baby!

Let’s do this! A step by step walkthrough of childbirth, bringing together everything we’ve learnt so far.

• All my tips, tricks and advice for your best birth
• Why visualising your birth can help you when you are in labour
• What’s transition and what you need to remember when you get there!

Module 6 - Newborns

Module 6 - Newborns

Everything you need to know once bub has arrived. Including how to master:

• Antenatal breastfeeding
• Birth + breastfeeding
• Postnatal breastfeeding
• Sleep & settle
• How to bath a baby

Module 7 - C-section birth

Module 7 - C-section birth

This module incorporates 3 videos:

• Meeting an amazing Mum and Dad who share their story
• Behind the scenes of the full c-section process
• What happens immediately after surgery and recovery.

Module 8 - Tips & Tricks

Module 8 - Tips & Tricks

More tools for your toolbox:

• 3 of my need-to-know hacks
• How to get bub into best position for birth

Module 9 - Bonus birth stories

Module 9 - Bonus birth stories

Bonus Module!

•Hear birth stories from real Birth Beat parents

Compare Birth Beat To Hospital Classes

The Birth Beat courses are delivered by a registered Midwife who has helped over 1000 parents have their best birth possible. We remove the need for inconvenient hospital classes.

Hospital Classes
24/7 access to courses
Private online forums moderated by a Registered Midwife
Practical exercise video
No long commutes
Privacy of own home
Incredible support and specific sections for partners
Access for one full year plus a money back guarantee

Success Stories from our customers

I just wanted to say a massive, MASSIVE thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful course that you provided for us! I'm a changed woman thanks to Birth Beat. I feel excited to have more babies now knowing that giving birth is just like a "chinese burn on your who-haa". Hahaha!  

Lauryn Sullivan and baby Levi

We had the birth experience we were hoping for — no drugs were needed and Tibor is doing very well. Your course gave us a lot of confidence going into labour. I don't think we could have had such a great experience without your class.

Jess, Saul and baby Tibor Bourke

I knew exactly what was happening to my body and why. Gus and I were able to follow the journey like a map, and I honestly couldn't have done it without Edwina. I highly recommend Edwina's classes to expectant Mummas and Fathers!

Dee Zibara, Gus and baby Billie Bruno

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Birth Beat delivers The Ultimate Online Prenatal Program to teach you everything you need to know about pregnancy, childbirth and caring for your new bub. The program is delivered by Edwina, a Registered Midwife/ Nurse and Mum of two.

You can complete the modules throughout your pregnancy or tackle the whole course over a single weekend! Rewatch modules as many times as you like before and after the birth — all from the comfort of your own home!

Plus you will be joining a group of like-minded and supportive Mums and Dads in our closed Birth Beat Vip’s page on Facebook. Here you can ask any questions in a kind community of expecting or experienced parents, and engage directly with Edwina. Think of it like having your own personal Midwife!

When you purchase Birth Beat’s Ultimate Online Prenatal Program, you will receive a personalised log-in that you can access for a full 12 months.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Birth Beat’s Online Prenatal Program has been loved by 1000's of parents so far, and I am confident that you will love it too! That’s why I am able to offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. There is no risk for you at all. I look forward to welcoming you to the Birth Beat community!




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