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Expert Education

Learn from a Registered Midwife/ Nurse with over 14 year’s of experience

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One Day Course

One-day course, no need to attend multiple classes – perfect for busy parents

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Lunch & Snacks

All food provided – no extra cost – can be tailored to dietry requirements

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Private Health

Claim a rebate on the course – provided by most private health insurers

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Take-home Pack

All the resources you need to take home with you + some extra goodies


  • What is happening to your body and why
  • Pelvis exercise
  • How to know if you are in labour
  • What the stages of labour will look and feel like
  • Why and where it is painful
  • What you can do to make it more comfortable (& how you can start preparing now)
  • Pain relief options (including natural options)
  • The best labour and birthing positions for you and baby
    Massage Tips
  • Hormones and the role they play during birth
  • What’s transition and what you need to remember when you get there
  • Breastfeeding

Plus, recieve our behind-the-scenes C-section video of:

  • The full C-section process
  • What happens immediately after surgery and recovery


February 2020
April 2020
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