Birth of Violet Rose

An Emergency C-section Birth Story

“Hi Edwina

I just wanted to touch base and say a huge thank you for the information you provided in your online modules. I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl – Violet Rose.

I was induced as after 13 hours of labour I was only 4cm dilated. During this time I used every technique that was shown throughout the videos, the midwives were blown away to say the least. I was able to talk myself through the pain with my partners support knowing exactly what my body was doing through each stage. I used the gas and doc recommended an epidural to relax my muscles hoping I would progress.

Unfortunately I ended up with an emergency C Section due to no progress but we were comfortable with making this decision without hesitation as I knew what would happen during the procedure.

A huge thank you for everything I would highly recommend all new mums your course.”

– Troy & Danielle

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