Birth of Imogen

A Positive C-Section Birth Experience

“Hi Edwina,

Just a quick email so say thank you for making such a course available! Our little one has arrived and thanks to the knowledge you shared we were able to remain calm through a roller coaster birth!

I was inducted at 41 weeks after trying everything under the sun to try and get things happening naturally. I was only 1cm dilated when induced and when they broke my waters the next morning baby had done poo. I laboured for 7 hours using the techniques you shared when I opted for a epidural to allow me to rest. My contractions were so strong 1 minute long and 2 minutes apart from the start. 

When I got my epidural I was still only 1.5cm dilated so still had a long way to go but unfortunately the epidural sent baby in to distress so after been unable to stabilise baby and myself ( I developed really high blood pressure the more I laboured) we were taken in for a c section! We got to experience it all but thanks to your knowledge we knew what to expect and truly got to enjoy the experience even though it went against all our birth wishes!  So at 1.03pm on the 12/08 Imogen Reese joined the world at 4.15kg and 53cm long!

Again thank you so much for your course! The breastfeeding, bathing and swaddle knowledge was also great! We may have watched the swaddle video a time or two in the hospital! :)”

– Ryan and Stacey

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