Birth of Hazel

An Induced Birth Story

“Dear Edwina,

Hazel Jean Meissner arrived. She didn’t mess about either arriving in 3 and a half hours. (From 2cm dilated to birth).

Thanks to the Birth Beat course Trent and I felt so prepared going into birth. I was induced as she was on the small side, Hazel was head down and in the right position which was fabulous!

Trent was amazing and really helped me through the whole process with the skills you gave him. Managed pain with heat packs, gas and air and some morphine.

At 8:39pm our precious little bundle arrived weighing 2.5kg and measuring 47cm long.

I would also like to thank you for talking about breast feeding and that it’s ok if you can’t FED is best. Nothing at all has come in for me yet, Hazel is on formula because she needs to put on weight. I haven’t given up on trying to feed but I also know having a full healthy and content baby is far more important.

We are now home and settling into life as parents. It’s still hard to believe they actually let us take her home from the hospital.

Thankyou again, your course was amazing!

Much Love”

– Laura & Trent

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