Birth of Anastasia

The Power Of Knowledge On Birth Experience

“Hi Edwina,

I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to yourself and the team for all of the information available via Birth Beat!

Our daughter made a very quick entrance into the world at 38 weeks and I can say with complete confidence that my husband and I were prepared for what was to come thanks to your course.

I was 1cm dilated at 8:00pm with long and strong contractions 1 minute apart.  We were told by the midwives that it would be a long night and to not expect anything to happen for the next 8 hours at least.  An hour and a half later I knew I was well and truly in established labour and ready to push.

As I am a first time mum, the midwives told me it was unlikely and that they don’t like checking too often. If it wasn’t for all the information we had at hand due to Birth Beat my husband and I would not have had the knowledge or confidence in ourselves to know better and force the midwives to check me again anyway. Our perfect baby girl Anastasia was born and in my arms a few short minutes later.

You’re doing a great thing and helping so many women and their partners to have their best birthing experience possible and we’ll definitely be recommending your course.

Thanks again!”

– Joey & Dimi

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