This week’s blog post is something a little bit different!

I’m giving you a sneak peek of the Birth Beat online childbirth course, sharing a video from one of the modules with my tips for getting baby into the ideal birthing position. These tips will help baby to get into the best position possible, giving you a greater chance of having a more comfortable, efficient and faster labour.

Why is the position of the baby so important?

Once you understand a little bit more about your anatomy and visualise the space your baby needs to move through, you’ll see why their position is so important.

The way that we often sit for long periods of time, leaning back at our desk or on the lounge and watching TV, isn’t great for our posture in general. But being aware of your posture is especially important when you’re pregnant and counting down those last few weeks before your due date!

In this video, I break down the reasons why your baby’s positioning is so important as they make their way into the pelvis in preparation for labour and how your posture and position of the pelvis can affect this.

I also share five practical steps that you can take to help make it as inviting and easy as possible for your bub to get themselves into the best position for birth. Not only that, these exercises and tips are great for relieving lower back pain and discomfort which can be common in those final few weeks. There’s also plenty of opportunities for your partner to practice the massage techniques we teach in the Birth Beat modules!

A quick summary of the Top 5 Tops for getting bub into an ideal position for birth

  1. Be aware of your posture and how you’re sitting – always be thinking about leaning and tilting your pelvis slightly forward.
  2. Rocking – gentle rocking while standing and making slow and steady figure of 8’s with your hips.
  3. Leaning – taking the pressure off your hips and back, leaning over a bench and relaxing your abdominal muscles. This is a great position for your partner to practice their massage techniques on you!
  4. Inversions – A safe and gentle way to help create and open space for bub to turn, especially if they’re in the breech position
  5. Walk – make walking part of your daily routine, moving how we’re naturally designed to move will help your baby move into the optimal position for birth.

Please remember; always speak to your healthcare provider to check the position of bub and ask them if there are any exercises that you should avoid depending on your unique situation.

The Birth Beat Online Childbirth Course contains over 8 hours of practical, easy to understand video content just like this – covering everything you need to know about preparing for labour, what to expect, pain relief options, prenatal yoga & relaxation, breastfeeding and so much more. Got a question about our online course? Discover everything you need to know about our online prenatal course here.

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